Tasha Hughes' HeadSpace

For the better part of 3 decades, Tasha Hughes' professional practice has oscillated between two areas of specialization: 1) Alleviating physical pain and 2) moving clients beyond habitual limitations. A Personal Wellness Strategist, Black Belt in Karate, trained Yoga Teacher, respectful of the body as "temple", with a voracious appetite for culinary nutrition, and deep reverence for the ever-evolving fields of neuroscience and quantum physics, Tasha blends rich layers of physical and mental modalities to help you to get out of your own head, and out of your own way.

25+ Years in Coaching and Wellness, No #1 Best-Selling Co-author of "Think Yourself (TM) Successful", Creator of "The 6 Levels of Self-Mastery" Coaching System, "The Neuroscience of Thriving Strategies", and Innovator of "Diva Defence: Age-Defying Wellness and Self-Protection Fitness". Tasha is a Black Belt in Karate and committed to disrupting outmoded behaviour and beliefs which keep us "playing small". By integrating neuroscientific research with complimentary modalities, she delivers excellent brain/body strategies to assist those approaching Life's poignant "tipping points".

Personal Development Coaching
Mar 2016 - Present
Duration 5 yrs 3 mos
Location London, Ontario, Canada
Helping people to identify and lean into their own unique strengths, move beyond "playing small", and engage their valuable roles as contributors and change-makers.

Coach and Facilitator - 6 Levels to Self-Mastery
Oct 2013 - Present
Duration 7 yrs 8 mos
London, Ontario, Canada
Engaging and retraining the brain for greater success and self-fulfillment. Empowered mindset coaching integrating the latest neuroscientific research, with martial arts and yoga-inspired mind-body training.

Health Strategies, Meditation and Wellness Coach
Sep 2012 - Present
Duration 8 yrs 9 mos
London, Ontario, Canada

Black Belt and Coach
Jan 1995 - Present
Duration 26 yrs 5 mos
London, Canada Area
Black Belt instructor to children and adults.

Flexibility Training classes
Fitness and Weight Loss Coach based in martial arts and body-weight training

Best-Selling Author
Aug 2017 - Present
Duration3 yrs 10 mos
London, Ontario, Canada
#1 Best-Selling Co-author of "Think Yourself TM Successful: The D.N.A System to Reprogram Your Brain & Wire Yourself For Success."

Women's Empowerment Coach
Nov 2018
Duration1 mo
Location; Lexus of London
Facilitator of a Women's Empowerment Event and Childcan Fund-raiser

Motivational Speaker
Aug 2016 - Aug 2018
Duration 2 yrs 1 mo
World Fitness Conference Toronto

University of Waterloo
Field Of StudyNeurophysiology of Meditation and SIPAR
2004 - 2006

Health Coach Institute - Boston College
Health Coach Certification
Health Coaching
2014 - 2015
Health Coaching with a twist. Based on the Transformational Coaching Method and the latest neuroscientific research to support behavioral transformation.

University of Waterloo
SIPAR/ World Religions
2003 - 2005
The Neurophysiology of Meditation
Independent Research Paper

Carleton University
Journalism / Spanish
1986 - 1990

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Spanish Language Immersion
1987 - 1988