The Stress Belly Challenge is a 4-week opportunity to shake off some stress, get out of your head, refuel your body, and reshape some out-moded food, fitness and thought habits that no longer serve your life, work or relationships. Through digital daily tasks and check-ins, a group Leaderboard, community engagement and communication with Tasha when needed, participants have accountability supports layered throughout the 4 weeks.

Tasha Hughes' HeadSpace

For the better part of 3 decades, Tasha Hughes' professional practice has oscillated between two areas of specialization: 1) Alleviating physical pain and 2) moving clients beyond habitual limitations. A Personal Wellness Strategist, Black Belt in Karate, trained Yoga Teacher, respectful of the body as "temple", with a voracious appetite for culinary nutrition, and deep reverence for the ever-evolving fields of neuroscience and quantum physics, Tasha blends rich layers of physical and mental modalities to help you to get out of your own head, and out of your own way.
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